My Recording Journey and Testimony 

The CD is more than just the music I wish to share with everyone but a testimony of God’s great work. To record a piano CD is really a dream come true. I hope it would be a great encouragement and inspiration to many.  God simply was using my hands to play music to bless others, guiding my mind, my heart and all that needed for accomplishing his purpose.

My entire CD making journey truly has been one of my greatest experience of witnessing the evidence of God’s presence and deliverance, a testimony of God’s work and miracle. This is the one reason I titled the CD cover- from my last track-  “All the way my Savior leads me”.  The arrangement of each song is crafted around the original lyrics. I want the audience to hear the heartfelt and storytelling music. I expanded the horizon of the melody desired to bring the audience to visualize Christ's grace and mercy, his love and suffering on earth, to picture him bearing our sins on the cross, his salvation that brings hopes, love, peace and joy to us, all to reflect God’s greatness and His creation. I recorded each song without any lead sheets or scores as I do not have the habits of writing down my arrangements every time. The precise execution and memory truly came from God that I couldn’t explain and I cannot take any credits for this. I walked in the studio with no music, just played straight by ear with the Holy Spirit’s guiding hands that let me fully immerse into the music and lyrics.

Upon a finger injury that took about 11 months to heal which has shattered and devastated me greatly with constant fear, doubts and negative thoughts of “What if I can’t play piano anymore?”, “What if this isn’t God’s will?” Yet God healed me. I couldn’t be more thankful! He has shown me and convinced me repeatedly through evidences that He wanted me to accomplish this, therefore, do not give up easily- “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 1:6

More on my Recording and Musical Journey:

My very first trial of recording took place in Los Angeles California with an Italian producer. My faith was so small at the time thought recording on a regular baby grand piano was good enough and the first trial didn’t go very well. Indeed, God always has a bigger plan in store for us that we didn’t know beforehand. What we often thought was impossible God made it possible. Upon my returning to Hong Kong from my trip to Los Angeles, God has led me to a studio in Hong Kong that carries the glorious and glamorous Fazioli Grand Piano, it is Christian owned and they offered me a special price, speaking of perfect timing! God has erased the doubts and fears in my mind every time as if telling me to just do it with the best instrument he provided for me and allowed him take care of my concerns. The Cd was completed in December 2015 and was released in February 2016. I received many positive feedback and supports from fellow Christians I know and from strangers I have never met who bought my CD and tracks online. One of the listeners I didn’t know personally bought 80 pieces of my CD at once as a gift to her friends.  Although my listeners largely come from US and Hong Kong, I also have listeners coming from New Zealand, Seoul Korea and Canada.  My music has been very well received by several Jewish, Atheists and even the Muslims I met in Los Angeles. This couldn’t have brought me more joy. My music has been reported to bring calmness and peace to the troubled hearts and relaxes the minds.

 This experience has really shown me that our hopes and confidence do not come from who we are, our talents or abilities, what we have but from knowing who God is and what he can do through us and for us when facing difficulties in life which beyond our control.


To God be the Glory!!! 


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